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July 15, 2007

My response through the female point of view was kind a of sextets seeing as that also in the woman were un allowed  to vote so in Mr. Kearns mind Doris was his son that he never had. Well think about it Doris was into baseball Marquette was not, but her father was, she had all the interests as her father did Marquette did not. So yes Doris was some type of extension and outlet for Mr. Kearns outlet as being his childhood to Doris’s

I think that Mr. Kearns is giving Doris a childhood he did not have such as having his father take him to baseball games. So Doris doesn’t feel unimportant he is letting her go so that he does not make the same mistake as his father did to him. Mr. Kearns lets doris go to the baseball game for he feels thst it is the right thing to do and so that he does not feel a guilty that he has ma eth mistake hi father did and by doing so he is remaking his tragic childhood through Doris’s. well if you think about it all those books that he gave to Doris and all those many hours of sitting with her on the porch steps and teaching her how to record the games just through listening

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June 29, 2007

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